The Heart Beacon Cycle Time  - Space Meter USPTO 13/573,002 application is an adaptive procedural template - checklist of ideas, methods, processes, procedures, algorithms, tools… used to organize diverse type of peoples speaking many different languages into groups organized in time - space to achieve common goals such as establishing an ecologically sustainable economic heartbeat. 

The Heart Beacon Cycle is not about any single product, project or system. It's about syntax lexicon commonality, geo-spatial temporal synchronization - synergy among a system of systems derived from DoD / DARPA system of systems engineering research and swords to plowshares NATO / OTAN decades of best practice. 

We propose: Swords to plowshare re-use of tax subsidized research into individuals joining groups synchronized in time-space. We propose novel use of a heartbeat synchronization algorithm based on nature (fireflies) to establish consistent, equitable metrics, meters for geo-spatial, temporal econometrics, blocktime arbitrage vectors  to compensate tokenized commodities demurrage parking fees. We propose ecologically responsible trade incentives i.e., closer = cheaper, less fuel. For example, reduce CO2 carbon footprint due to inefficient transport, resource vectors

Crypto economics needs a universal syntax lexicon digital base Artificial Intelligence A.I., quantum blockchain heartbeat beacon to synchronize, sample tokenized commodities across a stochastically harmonized UTZ Universal Time Zone supporting an Earth Intelligence Network EIN (see Robert David Steele's proposal @ )

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter is a Signals and Telemetry annex for Buckminster Fuller’s Operations Manual for Spaceship Earth. It is based on decades of proven NATO Battlefield Digitization, Net Enabled Operations NEO system of systems building blocks best practice that is a clear and present opportunity to establish a digital syntax lexicon base. Each item in the procedural template checklist links to a detailed treatise. The template checklist includes universal metrics, measurements described by a universal meme for use among myriad cryptocurrency programmable Blockchain internet programmable money memes. NATO 300 + structured data exchange message templates establish consistent coder's guide alpha-numeric brevity OPSCODES in a digital base "Rosetta Stone"



Main Use Cases:


1) Form ecologically sustainable trade federations with Ecologic Incentives (closer = cheaper, less fuel). Compensate demurrage logistic fees via cryptocurrency micro-payments to incentivize TERRA TRC tokenized commodity demurrage charges, track, register trade for carbon tax incentives  Use Case LINK 

2) Signaling, telemetry digital base framework syntax lexicon universal coder's interoperability guide via over 300 structured data message sets template forms leveraging OPSCODE brevity codes

3) Artificial Intelligence A.I. / Quantum computing digital base, EIN Earth Intelligence Network neural network emulation, universal event - alert message bus via Firefly inspired Heartbeat Synchronization Algorithm's intrinsic flash heartbeat {"108"} message event alerting bus. Military, stock, commodity, e9-1-1 networks... all share the heartbeat message ("108"} convention 

4) Stock, commodity, energy exchange on-off trade floor geo-spatial temporal compensation, HFT - blockchain speed parity via firefly - heartbeat sync, Nash Equilibrium Algorithms 


The Internet / Internet of Money cryptocurrency Bitcoin Blockchain is formed using time cycle epochs created by silicon chips that process or parse syntax, code. In the beginning (of time), there was the word. Then and now, all things internet, internet of money are formed by code formed by time cycles used / not used to process, parse {"syntax"}. Therefore, time cycles and a Rosetta Stone syntax lexicon library are two main building blocks to reshape our world. Admiral "Amazing" Grace Hopper developed the first computer compiler using Alpha-numeric brevity OPSCODES. If our world and it's diverse set of peoples are to achieve consensus on anything anytime soon, NATO best practice Battlefield Digitization, Net Enabled Operations NEO used swords to plowshares is the logical starting point.

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford proposed a currency based on a commodity basket index circa 1921. Now there is Bitcoin cryptocurrency programmable money and the internet's heartbeat, heartbeat messages. Edison's Monetary Option: LINK

We propose forming trade federations of autonomous communities, states / sovereign nations following a procedural template checklist promoting synchronization among widely geo-spatially dispersed groups.  Federated groups follow a procedural template guiding group activities across time - space to achieve synergy, synchronicity and inter community cooperation where activities are orchestrated from grassroots to capitals, from micro to macro economic cycles. Establish predictable, equitable trade cycles among (family owned) global corporate conglomerants

A statistical mean commodity / currency price index derived from firefly algorithm / closest heartbeat is needed to adjust for the myriad Bitcoin variations i.e., fork splits, coin counts, proof of work Vs proof of stake age, velocity, voting assignment methods, coins pegged to precious metals, or to a currency index of 22 other currencies (VEN) that pose an issue to Bitcoin's fungibility 1 to 1 substitution among coins. A coin pegged to a commodity basket index would follow in Thomas Edison’s 1921 footsteps.

A composite Bitcoin price is published by many different sources daily. A service based on a method to valuate Bitcoin types among the myriad metaphors / memes is needed. A baseball tournament metaphor is a simple method to describe metrics, meters and survey methods accounting for the Internal Revenue Service Bitcoin as property ruling and be compliant with the Supreme Court's ruling "claims may not direct towards abstract ideas" rendered in the US Supreme Court Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank Corp case. 

"We can synchronize ourselves in time — space (for a common purpose: establish an ecologically sustainable economic heartbeat) Dr Jose Arguelles Law of Time dot org

Warriors of the Rainbow Prophesy / The Heart Beacon Cycle -- IT"S TIME: LINK 

"One method fits many, not one size fits all"