“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Richard Buckminster Fuller 

Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics is the empirical study of systems in transformation, with an emphasis on total system behavior unpredicted by the behavior of any isolated components, including humanity's role as both participant and observer. Synergetics can be made actionable applying DoD's systems of systems research and best practices i.e., system state signaling / telemetry state meta data sync delta changes from micro to macro cycles systems monitoring of events, alerts, and (leader) behavior of (networked) components including humanity's role in terms of leaders decisions where behavior translates to changes to supporting network of networks. Updates to system status / state are propagated, newscasted, beacon broadcasted across a system of systems refreshing participant, observer views / appliqué overlays. Benefits of synergetics will be optimized when systems of systems best practice procedure, common building blocks and templates are used in support of synergetic projects i.e., signalling / telemetry sync delta updates in a reliable predictable schedule. The goal is to achieve the "grail" -- the Single Integrated (common) Operational Situational Awareness Picture SIOP drawn from a family of interoperable common pictures FIOP.

Heart Beacon Cycle: reuse of DARPA system of systems best practice used to derive cyclic, iterative procedures formed into a a procedural template framework. This procedural template framework is based on a well known DoD situation understanding, awareness system as seen on TV on the on History, Discovery Channel originally named The Balkans Digitization Program then "Blue Force Tracker / Joint Blue Force Situational Awareness JBFSA and more recently, Joint Battle Command or JBC. This system is known as the Communications - Electronics Command's "Greatest Invention" Page 65. The Heart Beacon Cycle is an improved and enhanced procedural template derived from this military system as a swords to plowshare global project with novel metric, meter memes describing geo-spatial temporal intensity describing for example, ecological disasters and project impacts displayed on Dymaxion map appliqué overlay views. The synchronous, reliable, predicable cyclical update of state meta data snapshots across a systems of systems, network of networks is extremely flexible, powerful and adaptable across many use cases.  Internet of Everthing quotes: "We will gain the ability to literally hear our world's “heartbeat". "The Internet of Everything will transform battlefield data improving our ability to plan, analyze, manage, and make intelligent decisions actionable." 

The Heart Beacon Cycle time - space meter / appliqué overlay: a systemic adaptive, iterative, procedural template framework used as a guide, links pointing to detailed treatises in forming agile, ad hoc federated groups synchronized in time-space for common goals using equitable, consistent metrics, meters news-casted, viewed on geo-spatial appliqué overlays showing spatial - temporal intensity sync deltas i.e. Dymaxion map views 

Purpose: improve systemic, sustainable solutions through cyclic, reliable, predicable signaling, telemetry, news-casting of sync delta updates across systems of systems, network of networks defining equitable metrics, meters for trade arbitrage among federated, autonomous trade groups. 



The TERRA Trade Reference Currency, Ethereum, and Battlefield Digitization commercialized (Heart Beacon Cycle) all involve maintaining globally distributed ledgers. Battlefield Digitization best practice provides procedural templates describing as guides, the when, where, how and how often systemically among a systems of systems promoting synergy, synchronicity.  


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