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PROJECT HBC_NET: support the Earth Intelligence Network EIN with a Signals, Telemetry Sync neural net emulation

Project HBC_net: support #UNRIG's Earth Intelligence Network with a Signals & Telemetry mesh derived from NATO's Battlefield Digitization, Net Enabled Operations The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter Applique Overlay project can support with shared common Signals and Telemetry through OOTW reuse of Battlefield Digitization / Network Enabled Operations NEO, the Earth Intelligence Network and proposes a neural network emulation using an algorithm conceived by U Hungary / Bologna Italy. 

Dogezer is a software development platform that allows team members to become product investors by investing their time and labor. Dogezer Solution Explained The Dogezer Platform is a SaaS solution which combines the functionality of Kickstarter, UpWork, GitHub, Slack, Jira, Google Docs, Dropbox and ICO analogues with a set of defined processes how these solutions relate to each other in a clear, transparent and predictable way. Dogezer will give an opportunity to start a project in a matter of minutes; organize a set of teams who will be working on the project; define how project contributions will be rewarded, and then drive the project to completion by utilizing skills of independent contributors all around the world. Dogezer will implement most of the key tools used in software development as integrated pieces of its solution. Over time, the number of services offered by Dogezer to the teams will grow, eventually resulting in a complete set of tools that are required to run a top-notch software development company. As a result, the Dogezer solution will become a single service, one-stop-shop that companies who operate in a traditional environment can use to replace the fragmented landscape they have now. See LINK   

GERMAN MILITARY Swords to Plowshaere use of BATTLEFIELD DIGITIZATION / Network Enabled Operations NEO for OOTW Operations Other Than War LINK 

MEDIUM ARTICLE RIG #UNRIG with a universal event / alert bus that provides flash heartbeat messages using an algoirtm that emulates neural network activity LINK see