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Given the inevitable Economic reset, do we reset the global economic distributed system of systems as is or do we use the chaos as opportunity to establish an ecologically sustainable economic heartbeat? We have a clear and present opportunity to form economic trade federations incentivizing environment friendly business practices leveraging Bitcoin crypto currency blockchain micro-payment capabilities. Blockchain crypto currencies micro-payment capabilites pair perfectly with the TERRA TRC's demurrage goods parking, handlind charges where closer is cheaper, less fuel, less C02 carbon emissions.




- Firefly inspired Heartbeat syncrhonization algorithm:  a Time – Space Sync algorithm using random firefly aynchronous distributed events matched to the internet's intrinsic heartbeat sync pulse 

- TERRA TRC TRADE REFERENCE CURRENCY based on crop commodities / GDP lead indicators (crops, dry good index items etc., ) as well as gold, silver, platinum etc 

- TOKENIZATION OF crypto-currencies & (FIAT) NATIONAL CURRENCIES sampled during micro-economic cycles, then aggregated for dashboard display during macro-economic cycles as a stat mean index

- ECONOMIST MILTON FRIEDMAN"S K% RULE Lead Economic Indicator as an national / global economic pulse

- Re-Use Thomas Edison's / Henry Ford's commodity backed index recommendation circa 1921 updated by Economist Bernard Lietaer's TERRA TRC Trade Reference Currency in concert with the firefly inspired heartbeat synchronization algorithm developed by the University of Bologna, University of Hungary to make Nobel Prize winning Economist Milton Friedman's K % rule actionable.

- Make programmable money #Bitcoin #cryptocurrencies programmed consistently, equitably and stochastically synchronized, geo-spatially, temporally, & semantic - syntactically harmonized among the emerging crypto currency myriad memes.  Sync, stochastic-ally harmonize time stamps supporting the proposed Universal Time Zone UTZ.

- Re-use swords to plowshare NATO's decades of research, operational best practice #Opscodes, common syntax lexicon and (globally stochastic-ally harmonized) time stamp server sync pulse enabling the global UTZ Universal Time Zone proposal via support from a universal flash heartbeat messaging event bus that includes heartbeat flash messaging (i.e., stock exchange {“heartbeat 108”} ) intrinsic to the firefly inspired heartbeat synchronization algorithm. Source LINK heartbeat sync algorithm by the Universities Bologna / Hungary


The Heart Beacon Cycle Time — Space meter is a distributed system of systems engineering signaling -telemetry temporal, geo-spatial, semantic — syntactic sync & consensus foundation framework supporting the DAAE Distributed Autonomous Automated Economy Eco — Economic Heartbeat by providing geo-spatial, temporal, semantic-syntactic synchronization i.e, a time — space sync pulse for the proposed Universal Time Zone UTZ.


USPTO Application # 13,573,002 The Heart Beacon Cycle Time Space Meter and applique overlays includes methods to form (currency) price indexes and land / property survey methods, metrics, and meters -- See also IRS memo #1421. See I.R.S. Tax (Reform) Code: #cryptocurrency A to B to N transaction = #taxable event = universal event heartbeat flash message bus sync deltas