NATO signals, telemetry framework reuse to support sustainable projects among a system of systems - It’s TIME

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter = adaptive procedural template derived from NATO best practice 


-300 + Structured Data Exchange Message Template Use Cases 

 -Syntax Lexicon Library Coder’s Guide with Alpha - Numeric Brevity A.I. codes

 -IeT / IoT, Big Data, Internet of Money Bitcoin Blockchain

 -Metrics Meters for Ecologically Responsible Econometrics

- Swords to plowshare formation of Eco-responsible, sustainable Trade federations


- adaptive procedural template checklist of things, processes, tools, building blocks derived from NATO Network Enabled Operations - Battlefield Digitization - Network Centric Warfare


Note: our material and patent application (wrongfully abandoned) is compliant with Supreme Court case Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank "claims may not direct towards abstract ideas". The Little League Baseball tournament metaphor / meme was our patent attorney's stipulation. Physical (e.g., home base) is the oppositie of abstract.




 Scientists marching is awesome. So is sustained, systemic action instead of protesting whoever is selected to read teleprompters. In addition to protesting the lack of ecological protective actions, we can focus on forming local and regional equitable, sustainable trade federations where closer is cheaper (geo-spatial econometrics) re-using NATO procedures derived from in use host nation agreements for food, water, energy… swords to plowshare style.