OPERATION RIG #UNRIG Earth Intelligence Network with a neural network emulation 

The Earth Intelligence Network is an accredited 501c3 chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. EIN has no employees. It original and long-term focus is on teaching citizens the urgency of demanding holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as the foundation for enlightened self - governance. #UNRIG seeks to communicate to all citizens the possibility of an ethical, legal, non-violent restoration of integrity to the US Government. LINK LINK 

Speaking of Robert David Steele's #UNRIG Earth Intelligence Network, pyramids fireflies,... LINK

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter Applique Overlay project can support with shared common Signals and Telemetry through Operations Other Than War OOTW i.e., reuse of Battlefield Digitization / Network Enabled Operations NEO, the Earth Intelligence Network EIN with a neural network emulation using an algorithm inspired by nature (firefly mating behavior) conceived by U Hungary / Bologna Italy. 

Firefly — Heartbeat Algorithm:

1) Consensus: events / alerts / statistical mean value indexes

2) Neural Network emulation

3) Stochastic Harmonization in / among Telco mesh fabrics

4) Universal Event / Alert Bus flash heartbeat messages

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PROJECT: RIG #UNRIG’s Earth Intelligence Network by supporting it with improved DARPA / NATO derived system of systems signaling, telemetry engineering research and NATO best practice a.k.a. The HEART BEACON CYCLE HBC TIME — SPACE METER. A main HBC building block is using an algorithm that emulates a global brain neural network activity. The Earth Intelligence Network will initially be comprised from many nations telecommunications. Eventually, it will be formed from all nation states as a system of systems situational understanding type project that will arguably need a universal method and means to receive event and alert messages independent of protocol or programming language within the matrix if you will. Therefore, we propose a neural network emulation based on nature  - fireflies - using an algorithm conceived by University of Hungary / Bologna Italy. LINK  Ecologically responsible economics — either we demonstrate responsibility towards the planet we live on or we don’t — it’s that simple. The Heart Beacon Cycle is a swords to plowshare re-use of tax subsidized research into optimal use of individuals joining groups synchronized in time-space to accomplish common goals e.g., optimal geo-spatial, temporal econometrics, vectors to reduce for example, CO2 carbon footprint due to inefficient transport, resource vectors through a novel, improved use of an algorithm based on nature and NATO best operational practice, and Incentives for ecologically sound economics.