Waiting for the Bitcoin Blockchain patent wars to begin.. Supreme Court "claims may not direct towards abstract ideas" The opposite of abstract is physical. The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter patent application's main embodiment is a physical, Little League Baseball Tournament meme. All things internet, internet of money / value are formed using

1) Time cycle epochs
2) Lexicon syntax as instructions

 above is a summary of patent filings, USPTO actions to date.. the internet is formed using two building blocks: time cycles created by computer chips used to process, parse syntax / code as instructions which SAW Concepts LLC established and the USPTO concurred in 2005. All claims made after 2004 are variations on a theme based on the main embodiment formed by time cycles / syntax -- "In the beginning (of) time, there was the word"...

The USPTO captured applicant’s web pages citing Transco Products Inc. v. Performance Contracting Inc. In so doing, the USPTO established that March 27th 2005, a patent worthy idea was formed. Applicant has no knowing when the temporal stipulation of Transco Products Inc. v Performance Contracting Inc. limitations begins or ends. Transco V Performance suspended applicant’s filings, redirecting examination to applicant’s web pages for an indefinite period. 13/573,002 was filed between screen capture mailings.  Screen captures suspend USPTO procedure. Therefore, Applicant should not be bound by USPTO procedure when USPTO is not bound by USPTO procedure in this case.  Applican't use of a Little League Baseball Tournament meme / metaphor was at the behest of a patent attorney -- a former chair of the ethics committee. Owner of Simple Wins Concepts LLC's father was Blackfoot Native American Indian. Simple Wins Concepts LLC is a micro-entiy woman owned firm.  USPTO is holding applicants to a higher standard that the USPTO holds itself. USPTO 13/573,002's main embodiment does not need amendment. No fee form or any other form is required to be filed given suspended procedures due to USPTO citation of Transco V Performance.