#ETHEREUM CASPER / HEART BEACON CYCLE 13/573,002 All things internet / net of #money are formed using #time / syntax. Time cycles / syntax are two fundamental building blocks of the internet / internet of money. The so what is that focusing on the common denominators is the key to achieving consensus among coder's who are trying to provide universal Blockchain As A Service 


Quote from @DCCCertified @InsideBitcoins "Build mental models that help people wrap their heads around Bitcoin w/o having to understand it". A baseball diamond is a square, is a block. A block is awarded using age (time) or vectors (time / direction / velocity) or voting (tournament league board). A baseball tournament is played on baseball diamonds that are as physical and tangible as it gets -- in every town in America.

US Supreme Court Ruling Alice Corp V CLS Bank: "claims ineligible for patent protection under 35 U. S. C. §101 "directed to an abstract idea" ALICE CORP v CLS BANK LINK

The Heart Beacon Cycle patent application 13,573,002 is described using a baseball league tournament.  A land use meme and internet survey techniques to define geo-spatial temporal areas in time – space will be helpful in determining the percentage of a coin bought or sold and who, where, when, how much, of a Bitcoin was transacted in context with I.R.S memo 1421 on Bitcoin that deems it property when purchased by a client.

Reference: Patent application # 13,573,002 Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter: LINK