UTZ: Universal Time Zone proposal / The Heart Beacon Cycle patent application 13,573,002The UTZ proposal is facilitated by use of firefly inspired heartbeat synchronization / Firefly - HeartbeatAlgorithm developed by the University of Bologna Italy / University of Hungary for stochastic harmonization of telecommunication mesh fabrics. Patent application 13,573,002 improves upon the Firefly - Heartbeat algorithm by matching the algorithm's striving to synchronize activity to the closest heartbeat cycle to establish a universal time zone synchronization pulse. This would reduce the volume of FOREX trading estimated to be 5 trillion daily that is due to transactions for transactions sake taking advantage of time zone, time-space differentials by speculators.  This technique would also help improve Bitcoin Blockchain transactions which are all about time ordering of transactions to account for time-space differences and time-space stochastic harmonization challenges.  

 See University of Bologna / Hungary Paper: Firefly Inspired Heartbeat Synchronization in Overlay Networks  LINK

 See Article: LINK

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