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- Sun's Heartbeat 11 year cycle solar minimum over many time cycles aggregate impact on climate, crop production 

- Milankovitch 41k year cycle elliptical orbit max distance from sun impact on climate, crop production

= TIME for a Ecologically sustainable Economic Heartbeat and EARTH DAY EVERYDAY


A world economic heartbeat Eco-Economic TERRA-CYCLE involves maintaining globally distributed ledgers and a shared micro - macro economic cycle schedule.  Demurrage: term used in currency trading to denote cost of currency ownership and/or storage. cost of carrying money... considered superior to interest payments, as it stimulates currency circulation and economic growth.  "In a physical sense, demurrage represents a delay that occurs during the transportation of goods via truck. When this happens, the trucking firm delivering the product can opt to pay a flat fee to the receiver to cover any loss incurred as a result of the delay. This fee can be assessed on an hourly basis. Or in the case of gold, demurrage is simply the costs associated with storage of buillon. Closer - cheaper, closer = faster, closer = less fuel = less carbon emissions... LINK 

The Terra is a global complementary currency designed to provide an inflation-resistant international standard of value; to stabilize the business cycle on a global level; and to realign stockholder’s interests with long-term sustainability. From a legal viewpoint, the Terra is standardized “countertrade” (international barter), which is routinely used for over one trillion dollars worth of transactions per year. Legislation on countertrade exists in about two hundred countries, including all the major trading nations. Introducing the Terra would therefore not require new international governmental agreements.  The TERRA Trade Reference Currency is a paper / document proposal that lacks a transaction protocol like Bitcoin. Bitcoin blockchain micro payments pair perfectly with the TERRA TRC's demurraige charges to offset costs for temporary storage and transfer of goods.

The TERRA Trade Reference Currency: complementary, privately issued, demurrage-charged, backed by inflation-resistant, standardized basket of the dozen most important commodities, services and operates in parallel with national currencies. Terra The Trade Reference Currency, TRC "world currency". Proposed by Belgian economist and expert on monetary systems Bernard A. Lietaer in 2001, the TERRA TRC currency is based on a basket of the 9-12 most important commodities. Terra = reference unit defined as standardized basket of key internationally traded commodities & services. 

The  Trade Reference Currency (TRC) unit of account is the Terra.  The TERRA TRC is intended to systematically stabilize the effects on the business cycle and re-align financial interests with long-term sustainability. Terra: demurrage-charged currency acts like parking fee, incurring cost over time to holder estimated at 3.5%-4% per annum corresponding to costs incurred for storing physical commodities in the Terra basket. TERRA TRC White Paper .


Thomas Edison’s Quixotic Plan for a New Monetary Policy article: During the sharp recession of 1921- 1922, Thomas Edison turned from making innovative consumer products to reinventing the U.S. monetary system. dison searched for new ways to stabilize the dollar, the value of which had fluctuated widely during World War I and its aftermath. His goal was to “cast the variable out of money.” Edison called for a system that used a variety of other commodities as backing for the nation’s paper money supply. (Crop) Commodities can be tokenized and their handling, demurrage logistic fees paid by crypto-currency, Bitcoin micropayments: See EARTH TOKEN:

EARTH Token — Demonstration of CITEX (impactChoice Climate Credit Issuing & Tracking Exchange) LINK

Killer use case for blockchain / global A.I. system of systems systemic action imo: Climate Change | United Nations: Climate Change. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Without drastic action today, adapting to these impacts in the future will be more difficult and costly. LINK