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Spaceship Earth Signals, Telemetry Annex

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter, Applique' Overlay.. a procedural template checklist supporting ecologic, economic sustainable best practice among trade federations / DAO's Distributed Autonomous Organizations by establishing a universal event, alert flash heartbeat message bus enabling time - space stochastic harmonization for example, among Telco mesh fabrics

The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter main use case: synchronizing geo-spatial temporal Eco - Econometrics among Trade Federations / DAO Distributed Autonomous Organizations.

Members of (trade federations agree to use standards, processes, shared components / building blocks and conventions. The checklist is agreed upon as items as minimum requirements to join a (trade) federation (cloud computing term). Entries to the procedural template checklist -- a clipboard of things needed to accomplish a goal (establish a trade federation) refer to detailed treatises.  

A process defines “what” needs to be done and which roles are involved.

A procedure defines “how” to do the task. Example:

• Roles and responsibilities of the people (roles) assigned to do the work

• Tools and equipment to support individuals  do their jobs

• Procedures and methods defining how to do the tasks and relationships, work flows connecting steps between the tasks. 

The Heart Beacon Cycle is simply a checklist.. adaptive, procedural template checklist for forming trade federations supporting ecologically friendly business transactions and Eco-friendly geo-spatial econometrics where closer is cheaper, closer is faster and most importantly, uses less environmentally polluting fuel - can you say carbon tax?