The German Military Bundeswehr advocated use of Battlefield Digitization / NEO Network Enabled Operations for OOTW Operations Other Than War circa 2003.

Why reinvent the structured data exchange wheel data element by element, symbol by symbol, ... OPSCODE brevity code, 300+ structured data exchange spreadsheet organized templates.. to establish a global Eco Economic Heartbeat and / or Consensus among myriad blockchain digitial currency programmable money memes?


USPTO 13/573,002 The Heart Beacon Cycle Time - Space Meter and Applique' Overlay -- by whatever description or naming convention is not a new idea. Re-use of Battlefield Digitization / Network Centric Operations research for First Response was conceived by the German Military early last decade.  The referenced system in the graphic is Blue Force Tracker, now referred to as Joint Blue Forces Situation Awareness JBFSA. JBFSA originally was referred to as Battlefield Digitization. Code reuse is not the primary objective. Re-use of the military's signaling and telemetry best practice to keep people in groups organized across space and time in terms of the who, what, where, how much, how often is the premise.  The Heart Beacon Cycle by whatever naming convention is a swords to plowshare project that is technology neutral. 


ARTICLE: Government Agencies Adopting Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology  LINK

"Government agencies are looking further into adopting blockchain technology and bitcoin. They hope to commandeer these protocols in order to protect the military from mass-hacking campaigns, counterintelligence, and otherwise hostile attacks on their systems. The Pentagon has especially shown recent interest in using cryptographically-guarded blockchains to aid their operations."  

The German Military advocated using Battlefield Digitization / NEO Network Enabled Operations for OOTW Operations Other Than War circa 2003 – why continue to delay the inevitable?

Heart Beacon Sculpture Oregon USA LINK