SCOP is a tool that exemplifies how the internet, internet of $ really work. There are no levels, layers, packets, Bitcoins or blockchain blocks traversing the internet or the internet of money. The blockchain is a metaphor, meme useful for description but not descriptive in terms of the physical, actual real world not to mention compliant with the Supreme Court’s Alice ruling IMO.

To form, create anything on the internet / internet of money, there exists only two main building blocks: 1) epoch time cycles used / not used to parse, process 2) syntax as instructions.

For example, scaling the blockchain usually involves a discussion of “layers” when the reality is that parsing, processing syntax (OPSCODE brevity codes, shards, hashes) is passed from the genesis Epoch Time Cycle 1 to a follow on temporal epoch time cycle. “In the beginning (of time / creation), there was the word”

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