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Metrics and Meters based on universal memes for sync delta cyclic changes: describes linear sequential, geo-spatial temporal intensity radius hop count memes. A systemic adaptive procedural template method used to improve handicapped /  information alerts, events, methods reliant on heartbeat timing, signalling synchronization of state meta-data improved using Paul Revere, water drop in pond memes to create, calculate radius, intensity metrics viewed as geo-spatial, temporal intensity effects i.e., visual light bar tabs i.e., stock exchange candlestick charts, audible tone, vibration-tactile situational awareness alerts by correlating tone based messaging precedence XML <tag> where lower / higher precedence settings equate to lower / higher audible tones, tactile vibrations for deaf where fewer / greater number of light tabs lit correlates, corresponds to priority, precedence <tags> further used in alert triggers of  threshold fluctuations displayed in appliqué overlay graphics as metrics, meters. Metrics to assess current stockage levels of commodities and their relative prices will aid determining the fungability of resource A to {"resource"} B to resource <n> emphasising the change from the last reporting cycle. 

Using heartbeat signalling, time stamp record keeping processes of state meta data described, typed by organizations, resources typed by Uniform Resource Name, further improved through use of  Paul Revere, Water Drop in Pond memes to quantify, describe unused resources with unmet needs by performing recalculations of state meta-data snapshot artifacts occurring at off site connector conversion gateways where micro-cycle reports from local, micro-cycle activities are signalled, relayed to higher echelon organizations monitoring macro-cycles who are interested in for example stock market "pools"  where "output" is correlated and displayed onto appliqué views of aggregate sync delta changes in macro-micro economics recalculations i..e, stocks, commodities, currencies, interest rates, electric micro-grids, currency (Terra) exchanges, spatial econometrics, and contributory economics