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Energy Token Economy

Tesla: “everywhere there is energy spinning’ / Einstein “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it” Ergo, it’s time to adopt an energy token economy

Bitcoin, Ethereum and token based blockchain strategies are ideal to remunerate, compensate logistic demurrage parking, commodity handling fees supporting the 1991 Belgian Economist Bernard Litaer’s TERRA TRC Trade Reference Currency proposal that was partially articulated by Thomas Edison and Henry Ford in 1921 and by economists in the minority during the late 1800’s. Edison felt that crops held their value best over time. Given energy is everywhere as Telsa and Einstein said, and given our climate change challenges, it’s time to move to an energy token based economy where tokens are traded for other commodities. For example, a region that excels in food production could federate to trade its excess or surplus production with another region with excess production in another area.  As micro-cycle sync delta reports are aggregated by processing them at regional, off site collection gateways, unused resources in macro-economic strategic stores can be matched with unmet need at the regional, local, micro-economic level cross levelling resources improving regional sharing where closer is cheaper and closer uses less fuel thus reducing the carbon footprint

Heartbeat Messages used in power, internet systems: shows energy grid protocols that use a heartbeat, heartbeat messages. IEC C37.118 Harmonization and Synchronization is used across smart grid applications and specifies a heartbeat update interval in milliseconds -- depending on the time sync source. Micro-grid use is set to increase dramatically in both military and commercial applications. The ability to accurately, reliably and consistently meter changes in power consumption between a community specializing in micro-grid energy production and a community specializing in a ecology module purifying water or producing bio-mass can monitor usage in terms of surpluses or shortages based on the last sync delta update across a consortium as a basis for exchange based on group concurrence such as Service Level Agreements SLA performance measures

Why the "water drop in pond" / sonar and "Paul Revere" metaphors, memes? Because Supreme Court Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank states "claims may not direct towards abstract ideas" Internet TCP/IP "hops", "pings" are abstractions -- they do not physically exist whereas the Navy's use of sonar under water is a well known physical meme example as is Paul Revere's "hops" or rides from town to town.  Physical is the opposite of abstract. Actually, there were many riders out the night of Paul Revere's ride. Revere's name was used because it rhymed with the words listen and you will hear...


 Inductance 'L' (Hendry) stores energy in the form of electromagnetic field