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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Linda The Psychic

Many years ago during one of our sessions with Linda "The Psychic", she said "things are going to get bad, but you and Tammy will be OK because you will be at the center of the recovery solution"

September 23 2017 marks the start of a seven year period ending in 2024 -- the Biblical Rapture thing that recurs every 7000 years...  70...  7 .. from the Book of Daniel

My perspective on it relates to this post by Cynthia McKinney PhD of #UNRIG about an interview given by Linda Zang which Reverend Kathy descrbed as the "big blueberry person / girl / woman  of the "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie" - -- welcome to my world :)   


LINK  note the color of the blouse..

See web link

Photo published for The Economic Reset Has Been Planned By The Central Banks & Is...

The Economic Reset Has Been Planned By The Central Banks & Is...

Today's Guest: Lynette Zang Websites: ITM Trading Most of artwork that are included with these videos have been created by X22 Rep... 

 Cynthia McKinney PhD @cynthiamckinney 4h4 hours ago CryptoCurrencies are "the belly of the beast," according to Lynette Zang. Have a listen:...

See thiis web site's web page titled how Bitcoin will change the world statistically ... my slide named speculation here LINK     web page # 86..  Reverend Kathy described agent 86 from the TV show Maxwell Smart..  now I know why..   WIllie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Maxwell Smart's Agent 86..   Basic Bitcoin is designed to get rid of cash and provide currency pair exponential increase in speculation wealth transfer until a final FIATCOIN is implemented -- in my opinion 


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Sunday, September 17, 2017

post in Lightworkers Dot Org

Circa 9/11, my wife Tammy attended one of her friends Tupperware parties that featured Linda "The Psychic" who is widely known around the New Jersey shore communities. Someone couldn't make the event so Tammy called me up and asked me if I wanted to take her spot and have a couple pieces of pizza that would be my supper...  so of course I drove right over.  The Tarot session no sooner started when it turned into a 20 minute lecture about method patents that were new at the time and that have since been largely nullified by a Supreme Court ruling called Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank. Linda the Psychic said "what are you doing to protect your ideas".  I thought to myself "what ideas might these be".  It took me over a year to figure out what it was I should be patenting.  Linda also said "you can paint something a different color" and that difference, modification, improvement can be the basis of a patent application.  It dawned on me one day that the Pentagon project I worked on called "Blue Force Tracker" could be painted commercial gray if you will.  Blue Force Tracker has changed names and is now based on commercial messaging technology as opposed to the Government's coded Common Message Parser CMP but I digress - these details are too deep into the technie weeds for this particular post.

A few years later, I wrenched my back and so my wife Tammy arranged for me to go see a local chiropractor that a Shaman, Circle of the Sacred Earth was offering free introductory 30 minute Reiki sessions. The first thing Reverend Kathy Graves said to me was "do you want me to deliver the mail".  "You have quite abit of backlogged messages".  I said yes - mainly because Linda the Psychic had so mightily impressed me with her readings / comments.   I thought "figure the odds" !!!     Based on Linda the Psychic's and Rev Kathy Graves sessions, I filed and refiled what became USPTO application number 13/573,002 that when reduced with numerology, is the number 21 and 3:  21 is the World Card in Tarot as this community well knows... 

13/573,002 is the only patent application that has been "trolled" or screen captured by the USPTO itself. It is one of four patent applications containing the word "Bitcoin" of patent applications filed in 2012.  Bitcoin is programmable money or the "internet of money" or "just energy like everything else" according to Reverend Kathy and Einstein and Tesla as you know..    I'll type more later because I'm still "chopping wood" with it as Reverend Katny related General George Washington's admonitions to my efforts or lack thereof   :)    I think General George thinks I'm a moron much of the time but I digress... /  and the adjacent web pages..   Rev K during many sessions over several years described much of what you see....  more later     This story isn't over because the internet of money patent wars have yet to begin....  stay tuned...   /

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