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Saturday, April 22, 2017

(Spaceship) Earth Day imagine if #Cloud, #IoT, #Blockchain Service Level Agreements SLA stipulated closer = cheaper? LINK

Coincidentally, "The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is #42 / Spaceship Earth: LINK 

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Let the patent wars begin with Time Stamps !
Chainpoint Vs Open timestamps proof of any data, file, series of events #Blockchain - let the #patent wars begin!
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today's Tarot card reading: Seven of Swords Reversed
Good things may come from unforeseen sources. Freedom from burdens and the easing of tension are possible. Seven of swords is my fate card coincidentally...
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Friday, April 7, 2017

DNA genetics / Greg Braden's "The G-d Code"
Cape Hatteras Light House 1870 (2nd location)
From Patreon Account: LINK

- Strike 1: ignore Cape Hatteras 70 / 30 land use rule 

- Strike 2: ignore Shackleford Horse DNA studies - implications

- Strike 3: don't federate - 1st player fed = 1870

Diamond Shoals -- Diamond # in numerology... do the math...

Second Secret Constitution:  LINK 


7 April 2017: A friend of my wife visited today whose daughter works in the field of DNA genetic research. Coincidentally, as I was browsing through YouTube podcasts (the creator of YouTube is from my Alma Mater) today, I decided to listen to a youtube podcast about Greg Braden's book "The God Code" LINK

I, like Mr. Braden worked in the military industrial complex on software tasks that focused on the number - letter alpha numeric codes intrinsic to structured military messaging.  My journey began with Linda "The Psychic" saying to me at an impromptu Tarot Reading "what are you doing to protect your ideas" "you can paint something a different color" which I interpreted to be DoD's famous Blue Force Tracking used swords to plowshare to establish and equitable (economic) heartbeat within a trade federation.  Coincidence? Could be -- still, I amazed at how many coincidences there have been along this decade plus long journey...  

I should reference the logo that a Shaman Circle of the Sacred Earth doodled as part of a Reiki energy balancing / healing session that I lost, didn't want to use, ...  needed my sister as an intuitive Reiki trained artist to recreate after I lost it...   see lower left business card LINK

Diamond shoals...  diamond..   name analysis diamond = 72....   yes?

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