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Friday, February 3, 2017

Punxy Phil Seer of Seer's Prediction

tPunxy Phil once again saw his shadow on February 2nd, Groundhog's Day as scribed by the SPIRIT

Groundhogs Day is a pagan Candlemas -- Festival of Lights  marking the mid-point between the solstice (Christmas) and the equinox (Easter). LINK


9:19 am est 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Heart Beacon Cycle in simple terms

The Heart Beacon Cycle is a procedural template..  a checklist..   think of a clipboard -- it's that simple. The checklist includes procedures, processes, products, applications, algorithms, rules, organizational roles, technology... useful to form and maintain distributed organizations engaged in equitable trade federations or ecological activites etc.

Why is it that algorithms drive stock, commodity, currrency markets but are not used to regulate them?  Why aren't we using Economist Milton Friedman's K% rule in stead of the "Fed"'s quantitative easing that creates stock, bond etc bubbles that destroy the economy periodically?  Globalization does not have to be inequitable.  Shipping goods around the world should be done sustainably -- closer is cheaper and faster as opposed to for example, freezing fish caught off the coast of one continent to be thawed, processed and re-frozen then shipped using government subsidized oil to another continent. 

The Heart Beacon Cycle is not about me or the owner whose father was Blackfoot Native American...  it's about you and your children and your children's childrens future on (Buckminster Fuller's) Spaceship Earth.  The Heart Beacon Cycle Time Space Meter Applique Overlay USPTO 13/573,002 is Spaceship Earth's Signals and Telemetry Annex.

5:53 pm est 

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