Cooperate THEN compete - trade federations aided by agile, adhoc group formation & system of systems sync & telemetry INFOCON situation awareness techniques.  Military forces have for centuries done one thing very well -- form individuals into groups and organizations organized and synchronized in time and space (geo-spatially) to achieve goals. Today, organizations tend to be geographically dispersed and tend to use many different technologies to achieve their goals. The Heart Beacon Cycle provides a minimum list of common building blocks, procedures and processes that individuals agree to use within organizations they join e.g.., autonomous trade federations. Individuals and organizations may affiliate and de-affiliate as they choose or as logistics or other external factors drive the situation. Cyclic reporting of events, alerts, and milestones during micro-cycles to macro-cycles is key.

A federation describes the organization arrangements necessary for interconnection between teams, leagues, and commissions joined to achieve common goals. Federated systems need to interoperate across organizational boundaries and connect processes utilizing different technologies, identity storage, security approaches and programming models. Within a federated system, identities and their associated credentials are still stored, owned and managed separately. Each individual member of the federation continues to manage its own identities, but is focused on sharing and accepting identities and credentials of the group. Within a federated system, an organization needs a standardized and repeatable way of describing services it makes available to teams in leagues and policies by which it runs its operations. Operations are performed as part of group’s activities. Resources available to the group include the health or availability of individuals forming groups where monitoring is performed to ascertain if groups are mission capable or not in context with available resources and whether the group’s location is within a pre-defined geo-spatial range of a given activity or event. Arbitrage entering agreements as federated identities within groups retaining autonomy = ability to act on their own behalf.