Given the Internal Revenue Service I..R.S has deemed that owning Bitcoin is akin to owning property, a land use metaphor describing Bitcoin holdings as land holdings may be applied .  Recording and reporting the acquisition of Bitcoin as land necessitates consistent, stochastically harmonized time stamps and tracking of who, where, when the transactions occurred across time zones
The reality of stock exchanges given High Frequency Flash Trading is that a small number of traders possess huge amounts of cash, high percentages of share ownership and high bandwidth to volume trade at extreme rates that drive the markets and in many cases acts as a barrier to entities as large as sovereign countries whose resources are miniscule in comparison to “whales”
A cyclic, iterative process that samples and identifies state meta data by organization and type of resource / type of commodity will enhance filtering, aggregation, summation and many types of processing improvements. Doing so before data entry into data fusion centers is essential for a live situation awareness / understanding common picture shared across Distributed Autonomous Organizations or Corporations DAO / DACS.
Military network centric warfare techniques help form Distributed Autonomous Organizations and maintain them by cyclic, iterative micro to macro tracking of participants within groups and the groups themselves for required thresholds of resources needed to maintain group status as well as tracking events and alerts sent to and from the groups relative for example to crowd funding / crowd sourcing activities. Groups may merge with or drop from trade federations as the situation dictates – sometimes groups within federations cooperate and compete. This process can be used in lieu of formal mergers.