Crowd Sourcing / Crowd Funding & Bitcoin + NCW Decentralized Operations

Military's organize individuals into groups for a purpose very well. Net Centric Operations monitors the “eaches” evaluating if a group is mission ready -- i.e., has met given thresholds -- funding levels using a time tested cyclic, iterative procedure. A military squad must have n members or it is not reported as a unit. The unit must collectively have a certain percentage of health, ammo, fuel, food..  or funds (collected) or it is not considered a unit. If a unit fails to report after n cycles, it is considered “stale” or non-mission capable. Adding simplistic metrics and meters to this cycle in terms of reporting significant changes in a reporting cycle – the sync delta will help crowd funding operations to be operated consistently across a distributed system of systems. Meters and metrics are novel and useful in monitoring time - space sync deltas.

Adding methods to identify a potential crowd based on subscriptions (like the Internet of Things, Net Centric Warfare is a publish-subscribe paradigm) in a geo-spatial area over time using net geo-spatial temporal intensity techniques will help decision makers decide if an a given crowd in a specific geo-spatial area in a telco mesh fabric is worth pursuing prior to other crowds in other areas. Monitoring individual contributions to groups in context with an event by <Organization_Identifier> or </Org_ID> will help form supporting cloud federations. Identifying assets donated to a cause by Uniform Resource Name </URN> will help data analytics and aggregation activities leveraging a cyclic, iterative micro - macro cycle method. See Article: Decentralized Exchange Meets Decentralized Crowdfunding, Can it Succeed?