Spaceship earth needs a system of systems mediation gateway (s) to equitably mediate among it's stakeholders 

Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics is the empirical study of systems in transformation, with an emphasis on total system behavior unpredicted by the behavior of any isolated components, including humanity's role as both participant and observer. Synergetics can be made actionable applying DoD's systems of systems research and best practices i.e., system state signaling / telemetry state meta data sync delta changes from micro to macro cycles systems monitoring of events, alerts, and (leader) behavior of (networked) components including humanity's role in terms of leaders decisions where behavior translates to changes to supporting network of networks. Updates to system status / state are propagated, news-casted, beacon broadcasted across a system of systems refreshing participant, observer views / appliqué overlays. Benefits of synergetics will be optimized when systems of systems best practice procedure, common building blocks and templates are used in support of synergetic projects i.e., signaling / telemetry sync delta updates 

The Heart Beacon Cycle is re-use of battlefield digitization / network centric operations research / best practice commercially or for the greater good.. In brief, the 55 + corporations belonging the the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium or NCOIC see will eventually achieve consensus which will involve many game changers in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Network Forensics, Data Analytics and perhaps most importantly, provide the signaling and telemetry and mediation between current unsustainable economic models / currencies issued as debt and emerging alternatives such as Bitcoin / NameCoin and Ethereum linked to the Trade Reference Currency TERRA. Simply stated, the Heart Beacon Cycle is a swords to plowshare's project.  Purpose: Enhance, improve systemic solutions through signalling, telemetry, news-casting of sync delta updates across a systems of systems, network of networks supporting regional, global systemic sustainable solutions using equitable metrics and meters for trade arbitrage among federated, autonomous trade groups shown in situational awareness decision views.