Time Series Data: consistent state meta data snapshots time stamped by <Org_ID><URN> prior to fusion center. Snapshots replicated across clouds = SIOP -- Single Integrated Operational Picture a.k.a "The Grail". Time is the fundamental building block of the Heart Beacon Cycle. The Internet / Web is Time available to process instructions described as <syntax>.A time series database (TSDB) is a software system that is optimized for handling time series data, arrays of numbers indexed by time (a date-time or a date-time range). In some fields these time series are called profiles, curves, or traces. A time series of stock prices might be called a price curve. A time series of energy consumption might be called a load profile. A log of temperature values over time might be called a temperature trace.

The Time Series Data Base TSDB allows users to create, enumerate, update and destroy various time series and organize them. These series may be organized hierarchically and optionally have companion metadata available with them. The server often supports a number of basic calculations that work on a series as a whole, such as multiplying, adding, or otherwise combining various time series into a new time series. They can also filter on arbitrary patterns defined by the day of the week, low value filters, high value filters, or even have the values of one series filter another. Some TSDBs also build in additional statistical functions that are targeted to time series data. Net Centric Operations cyclic meta data snaps facilitate TSDB (s)

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