STAAS -- Space Time as a  Service SLIDES  

The NDN Named Data Network / Content Centric Networking is the National Science Foundation sponsored next generation internet project. Named Data Networking's (Interest / Data) packets are time cycles allocated to search / stateful inspection of time cycles by routers to determine interest. Bitcoin blocks are time cycles dedicated to cryptographic processing -- at the end of the day / epoch, all we have is TIME. 

We propose cooperation between projects -- Network Centric Warfare Bitcoin / TERRA TRC to leverage points of synergy resulting in TNW The Next Web based on STAAS -- Space Time as a Service SLIDES The Next Generation Internet efforts -- both cliamed by the NSF NDN and Bitcoin developers combined with signaling, telemetry and syntax filtering and logic derived from several decades of Network Centric Warfare research can constitute a next generation economic and governmental equitable eco-system of systems built on the Rosetta Stone common syntax <tag> libraries as it's cornerstone / common lexicon. 

Named-Data Networking NDN formerly known as Content Centric Networking proposes routing based on interest in content and “fresh” data or data currency based on time stamp refresh rates. Data’s currency is determined by the amount of time it takes for a sample or snapshot to be taken at a distance and returned to the requested source. This involves reach ability that in internet terms would be determined by hop counts from cloud center to cloud center, node to node, peer to peer from micro-cycle to macro-cycle. 
Location and currency of data depends on space-time relationships that are systemically described more efficiently by establishing a cyclic, consistent, reliable sampling schedule during micro-cycles using aggregated sync delta reports displayed onto appliqué overlay decision support displays during macro-cycles. Data is more interesting when placed into context by the frequency of occurrence of the data set or it’s proximity to the requesting source or the intensity, duration, density of the data sets as described within a given geo-spatial temporal zone such as a surveys area of Telco mesh fabrics  

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.Albert Einstein