TNW The Next Web: National Science Foundation Sponsored Named-Data Networking NDN is self described as the next generation internet. Bitcoin technology ibid. The NSF Named-Data Networking is a functional twin to DARPA's Network Centric Warfare / Net Enabled Operations. Diversity and decentralization equates to survivability.  The TERRA TRC Trade Reference Currency is a currency based on a diverse basket of comodities where shipmint from point A to B is supported by demurrage parking charges.  Since The TERRA TRC is a document / rule set, it needs a value transport, verification engine that the Bitcoin Blockchain technology provides.  Network Enabled Operations described by the Heart Beacon Cycle is a document procedural template derived from a Pentagon ACAT 1a systems of systems situational awareness program (s..) Both the Heart Beacon Cycle as a technology neutral document / procedural template that requires protocols / technology support that Named Data Networking  relies e.g.., TCP/IP Multi-cast, Unicast that the Pentagon ACAT1a template system Blue Force Tracker relies. The KEY to The Next Web TNW is a common lexicon -- a shared vocabulary ROSETTA Stone.  DARPA NCW / NEO research built a semantic web eXtensible Markup Language <tag> / template repository e..g., XML-MTF format comprised of over 300 message templates with signaling, telemetry logic, filtering that can be re-used, in commercial domains.  

The Next Web: "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" Aristotle