The military started to adapt it's operations to the Internet circa the mid 90's. One of the first main challenges was to share a plan / order from the planners who had relatively high bandwidth with users linked by radio net links that only had 225 Kilobits per second -- the "upper tactical internet" to the "lower tactical internet". The process involves the reverse where users on the lower tactical internet must report their individual status which is rolled up into a consolidated group report describing readiness for the mission / next mission. The military always operates in groups and they are usually distributed over distances. The Heart Beacon Cycle -- by whatever description or naming convention is not a new idea. Re-use of Battlefield Digitization / Network Centric Operations research for First Response was conceived by the German Military early last decade.  The referenced system in the graphic is Blue Force Tracker, now referred to as Joint Blue Forces Situation Awareness JBFSA. JBFSA originally was referred to as Battlefield Digitization to solve the challenge of translating Army Division Commander's Intent and the Operations Officer's/ Concept of Maneuver into networking terms e.g.,  internet TCP/IP net / sub-net joins, adds, splits, moves, deletes corresponding to use of units to support a mission's scheme of manoeuvre. When Battlefield Digitization is used in lieu of for example, merger and acquisition, consensus among many systems / developers will be required. To achieve consensus, selecting the most well known, most widely implemented Situation Awareness System -- Joint Blue Force Situation Awareness or JBFSA co developed by the Army / Marine Corps is the path of least resistance. Deriving common building blocks and procedures, methods from Blue Force Tracker that are also Wall Street, First Response Systems common building blocks is the intent.  The use of a list of attributes, capabilities, procedures that are needed at a minimum to organize individuals into groups described by a procedural template is the gist of the idea.

FOCUS STATEMENT: The DoD / NATO's most widely used situation awareness system should be used as a procedural template guide describing common procedures and shared components / building blocks to achieve consensus among diverse groups using diverse technologies. Since the Heart Beacon Cycle is a document -- a template, technology (ETHEREUM / RTI DDS, CITRIX etc.,) completes it by providing transport, signaling, telemetry among widely distributed, autonomous trade federation groups.