"A day will come when there will be no battlefields, but markets opening to commerce and minds opening to ideas" -- Victor Hugo

Named-Data Networking is a term describing the next generation internet that routes information by interest in <content> type. Net Centric Warfare uses content <filters> to create data appliqué overlays on geo-spatial map sheets. Bitcoin Coinprism involves different coin types where the colors indicate types of coins representing for example real_estate> <currencies> <smart_contracts> <commodities> or anything of value <time_banking><auction_items> etc. The carrot brackets are content <tags> comprising the content web in web pages that exist along with the web’s HTML. See eXtensible Markup Language XML i.e.., <XML>

Use of semantic web text <tag> repositories, consensus lists of common semantic web <text> eXtensible Markup Language XML <tags> will facilitate development of the National Science Foundation sponsored NDN Named-Data Networking next generation internet project using best practice derived from Department of Defense Network Centric Operations content filtering to derive the common state picture / data appliqué overlays. Bitcoin color coin technology will describe economic units of value <stocks> <bonds> <commodities> <property> supporting a sustainable economic eco-system.  Merging semantic web, next generation internet, systems of systems best practice with emerging economic, distributed autonomous organization tech will form a synergistic system of systems supporting trade federations comprised of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for example, Sovereign Native American Indian Nations

Offshore, systemically too big to fail outer BANKS are treacherous!  Jaegars are powerful war machines. Even so, the Jaegers must FEDERATE and deal with the KAIJU systemically!