Named Data Networking (NDN) (also Content-Centric Networking (CCN), content-based networking, data-oriented networking or information-centric networking) is a Future Internet Architecture inspired by years of empirical research into network usage and a growing awareness of unsolved problems in contempary internet architectures like (IP). NDN has its roots in an earlier project, Content-Centric Networking (CCN), The NDN project is investigating  Jacobson’s proposed evolution from today’s host-centric network architecture IP to a data-centric network architecture (NDN). The belief is that this conceptually simple shift will have far-reaching implications for how people design, develop, deploy, and use networks and applications. Content Centric Networking and Net Centric Operations share content centricity.

The INTERNET fundamentally relies on TCP/IP Unicast and Multicast. The proposed, in prototype testing Named-Data Network sponsored by the National Science Foundation is shifting IP routing to content / Interest based routing. The Heart Beacon Cycle methodology borrows and extends state meta data sampling, routing, filtering and aggregation into heartbeat sync delta messages that contain <text><XML> tags derived from StratML, and Blue Force Tracker's use of the Organizational Identifier <Org_ID> (actually the American Registry for Internet Number's ARIN's <Org_ID> and the <URN> Uniform Resource Name for example. Interest will change from organization and from role to role within organizations. Interest will fade with increasing distance which can be determined by TCP/IP hop counts as metrics for reachability. Geo-spatial temporal intensity memes will help determine interest in for example, the number of bidders / crowd sourced funders within a given geo-spatial temporal zone defined by survey, internet triangulation techniques -- see the IDMaps / Sonar Hops slide.  The Heart Beacon Cycle and Named Data Network a.k.a. Content Centric Networking, Net Centric Warfare are synergistic.