"Common building blocks, procedures, and templates are key to cloud computing adoption" Attributed to Michael Dell of Dell Computing Inc. 

 The TERRA Trade Reference Currency, Ethereum, and Battlefield Digitization commercialized (Heart Beacon Cycle) all involve maintaining globally distributed ledgers. Battlefield Digitization best practice provides procedural templates describing as guides, the when, where, how and how often systemically among a systems of systems promoting synergy, synchronicity.

ETHEREUM is a system build around BITCOIN technology with built in state transfer.. Collectively, ETHEREUM, The TERRA TRC, and the Heart Beacon Cycle form a system of systems. The TERRA Trade Reference Currency is a document describing rules describing trade using a basket of twelve or more commodities such as gold, silver, copper, wheat, stocks, derivatives.. The TERRA TRC as a guide, template needs a value, transaction protocol / transport mechanism.  The Heart Beacon Cycle is a procedural template guide to help individuals form groups, organizations or ideally, cloud computing federations sharing resources to meet common goals. The Heart Beacon Cycle as a procedural template also needs protocols to act as the signaling, telemetry transport for cyclic heartbeat state meta data state changes.

PROJECT STELLAR: Stellar, the long-secret digital currency project helmed by industry entrepreneur Jed McCaleb, has officially launched. McCaleb is the original founder of defunct Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and a co-founder of digital currency-focused payment network Ripple Labs. The new platform is a decentralized gateway for digital currency to fiat currency transfers, The Wall Street Journal reports. Like Ripple and bitcoin, Stellar will act as a public transaction authenticator and feature its own in-house digital currency called ‘stellar’. McCaleb’s announcement follows months of rumors about the project, which first surfaced in February. At the time, a mysterious website was launched to enlist developers, alpha testers and designers, and now redirects to the official Stellar site. In a statement, the Stellar Development Foundation’s Executive Director Joyce Kim suggested that Stellar will act as a bridge between fiat and digital currencies – a key requirement if the latter are to be adopted by mainstream users. Stellar details. According to WSJ, Stellar will act as a transaction gateway, enabling usability in both fiat and digital currencies. While it’s not clear what, if any, infrastructure is already in place, Stellar, like Ripple, will allow cross-border transactions that use digital currency as a technological ‘middleman’ for fiat transfers. Notably, the platform’s in-house currency, stellar, will be distributed to users for free. Supply is capped at 100 billion units, with roughly 95% of this amount being given away.

COIN PRISM: Colored coins can represent company stocks. Launch an IPO on the Bitcoin blockchain for just a few cents of a dollar. Coins can be designated as stocks, bonds, commodities, or anything representing valued resources i.e., currencies, and smart properties. Encode ownership of a house or a car on a colored coin. Store your house on the Bitcoin blockchain. tore and exchange dollars, Euros or pounds anonymously, across the world, and for the price of a standard Bitcoin transaction. See 


Leveraging commonalities among the TERRA Trade Reference Currency TRC and ETHEREUM cryptographic currency store / transfer of values e.g., commodities, internet domains with Defense Advance Project Administration DARPA's Battlefield Digitization / Network Centric Warfare system of system's best practice developed to resolve data synchronization challenges intrinsic to low speed / high speed tactical / strategic, macro to micro cycle signaling and telemetry where orders, plans, spreadsheets -- ledgers in this example need cyclic updates at reliable intervals occurring during operational phases. Battlefield Digitization best practice provides procedural templates describing as guides, the when, where, how and how often state meta data heartbeat snapshots refresh occur among a systems of systems systemically promoting synergy, and synchronicity among many projects / domains / cloud computing nodes etc