Spaceship earth needs a system of systems mediation gateway (s) to equitably mediate among it's stakeholders 

Buckminster Fuller Institute 2013 Dymaxian Map Contest Entry. The Dymaxion map or Fuller map is a projection of a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron, which can be unfolded and flattened to two dimensions. The flat map is heavily interrupted in order to preserve shapes and sizes. The Dymaxion projection is intended only for representations of the entire globe.

Each triangle edge of the Dymaxion map matches the scale of a partial great circle on a corresponding globe, and other points within each facet shrink toward its middle, rather than enlarging to the peripheries.[3]  Fuller intended the map to be unfolded in different ways to emphasize different aspects of the world. Peeling the triangular faces of the icosahedron apart in one way results in an icosahedral net that shows an almost contiguous land mass comprising all of Earth's continents – not groups of continents divided by oceans. Source: Wikipedia: