The web / internet is based on TIME cycles. Packets and frames are metaphors for TIME CYCLES to do / not do computational tasks. The Next Web TNW / Internet is based on content described by <tags> or YAML document template indents describing interest defined by tag type / YAML indents. This paradigm will be improved by establishing a method and means to establish common, shared geo-spatial temporal intensity metrics and meters to indicate "freshness" reliant on searching, filtering Unicast, Multicast IP "datagrams / packets:" that are in reality.. functionally are TIME CYCLES. Time / space / syntax in a common, shared lexicon library are the web's three main building blocks.

The Heart Beacon Cycle HBC is a procedural template that includes common technology building blocks derived from military systems of systems research. This approach uses the most widely used situation awareness system (US Army Communication Electronic Command's "Greatest Invention") as a procedural template model to help individuals join groups participating in organized activities synchronized in time - space to achieve common goals / causes.  The Heart Beacon Cycle as a checklist refers to detailed treatises or standards. It is technology neutral. The invention's main embodiment was written in a Little League Baseball Tournament meme for clarity and simplicity as well as being immune to recent Supreme Court / Patent Office limitations on software procedure type patents. 

Use of a Pentagon Catagory 1A Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence pacing system in conjunction with other world changing technologies and programs is a logical, path of least resistance to achieve consensus. Establishing a equitable economic, eco-system of harmonized systems among diverse, decentralized, trade federation groups / nations is key. The TERRA Trade Reference Currency is based on a basket of commodities -- 12 or more. The TERRA TRC is not a technology or protocol. Neither is the Heart Beacon Cycle. Both would rely on Bitcoin and other technologies for store and forwarding, publish and subscribe and workflow functions along with underlying database support e.g., replication. The template system that the HBC is based relies on internet TCP/IP Unicast - Multicast IP, processing / parsing of <content> </text_XML> tags where the military's research and development of specialize document / message templates could be reused commercially to accelerate adoption of the next generation internet Named_Data Networking NDN.  Short story short and more succinctly, 

"Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war." Martin Luther King Jr.