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Q: What is the Heart Beacon Cycle? Ask the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium's 55+ corporations first the question what is Netwok Centric Operations? When you get 55+ different answers then ask me or simply read on..  See    See also: Systems of Systems

A: Heart refers to the Internet's TCP/IP protocol's TIME CYCLES, temporal interval, opportunity in time to do / not do computational operations, tasks, data get / put a.k.a the "heartbeat". Beacon refers to the broadcast / telemetry / advertisement / newscast aspect announcing changes since the last heartbeat interval cyclical check. Bing / Google heartbeat or beacon or heartbeat beacon, the terms are used interchangably and often are used together. Keep in mind terms are memes, metaphors. allegories.. There are no "heartbeats" "beacons" -- only time cycles. The National Science Foundation sponsored next generation internet NDN Named-Data Network / Content Centric Networking CCN uses the term "packet". Telco's use the term "frames"  Packets and frames are time cycles, time intervals -- instructions as to when something starts / stops.

 Q: Why does the Heart Beacon Cycle matter? What makes it special? doesn't it happen in the background by design? Why should anyone pay attention to the obvious?

A: If heartbeat / beacon intervals are set as fast as possible, there would be no heartbeat / beacon intervals to do anything else. The military, in developing the tactical internet needed to manage an average of 225 kilobits per second on tactical radio networks to update orders / plans. Situation awareness sampling may be too slow to be relevent in other situations. In other words, Operational tempo or OPTEMPO is part of the heart beacon cycle -- reporting from micro-cycles of events to macro, big world Netowork Enabled Operations NEO picture view of for example, economic eco-system picture as "applique" overlays.

A: The major telco's set heartbeat / beacon intervals to gather / distribute state data. This works fine most of the time until an event -- earthquake, stock market crash causes drastic surges in usage where the major Telco's cannot control end user behavior (panic). The Heart Beacon Process involves machine to machine level processing and updates to human decision makers. Machine to machine tends to be micro and human decision making tends to be macro.

A: This idea is not about a single system, it's about achieving synchronization and synergy (synergistics) among a system of systems using one of the most successful single system's best practice as a procedural template to help manage a systems of systems among a network of networks supporting many different domains and use cases. Human beings need timely information displayed to them not to fast or too slow and it helps if it's layered / organized or filtered by <event> <alert> <precedence> <priority> <urgency> <class> type and shown together or separately as "applique" graphic sheet overlays -- typically on maps with geo-spatial temporal intensity metrics -- consistently -- day in and day out..

 Q: Use cases?  A: Currency exchanges i.e. stochastic harmonization across time zones, mediation between dissimilar value systems, aggregation of changes triggering buy / sell decision, mediation between traditional currency and alternative, complimentary currency exchange rates / value systems. Stochastic harmonization for objects / artifacts in Telco mesh fabrics participating in Big Data / IeT geo-spatial temporal metrics / meters as enhanced services

B: Stock Exchanges -- "sharing is caring" High Frequency Flash Traders still trade but their windows have a finite, defined length, token passing among traders and a start, stop command as a "circuit breaker" 

C Federated Trade Arbitrage where military style network agile, adhoc joins, adds, deletes, moves, changes among network subnets represent small and midsize businesses switching between cooperate / compete modes in liue of merger and acquisition for example to preserve the CHANNEL WHERE IF ALL SMALL, MEDIUM businesses are merged through formal merger and acquisition into a few monolithic, behemoth corporate trusts -- there is no channel

Q: DAO's -- what's a DAO?  A: Distributed Autonomous Organization s DAO. Recall that the internet was created to establish a network that could survive a mass extinction event by being distributed across a wide area. Remember that military's always, always do operations in groups -- not individuals so this concept is about a distributed autonomous method to manage and organize diverse groups. Commercial domains are not military in nature or militaristic -- true. However, if the world is ever to achieve a one world system, given the diversity on this planet, isn't it most likely that the world will adopt a set of common procedures derived from decades of research across a system of systems first? 

Q: Since synchronization is a background issue that we don't deal with, again, why should be pay attention to this?  

A: If the Heart Beacon Cycle was simpy about synchronization, even I wouldn't pay attention. Newsflash: the big Telco's aren't going to apply for an Organizational Identifier for you and they may not have the resource (s) you manage identified as a Uniform Resource Name URN -- <Org_ID> / <URN> pair that is identified prior to data fusion center insertion -- important because the data cannot be time stamped and identified by <ORG_ID> / <URN> after the fact -- critical to improving network forensics and "Big Data" operations management as well as establishing a common framework for an Internet of Things value index

Q: It looks like the idea is mainly about state management. This being the case, all I need is a REST-FUL (Representational State Transfer) aware software / system / application and I'm good to go -- right?  

A: If you dig into REST, you'll find that there is an enhancement / extension to REST proposed called ARRESTED-D. I wrote a paper on how the Heart Beacon Cycle as a process, procedural checklist of many things dovetails and improves not only REST but ARRESTED-D. I posted the paper to the NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology sandbox and to SCRIBD.COM awhile back.. here -- I'll post it again.  REST / ARRESTED helps and in turn the HBC enhances and helps REST / ARRESTED-D. The invention was written as a non-networked meme -- a little league baseball tournament to emphasise rules and roles. Technology like REST helps the invention and the invention in turn, helps organizations using REST aware applications and protocols. Writing the invention as a non-networked main embodiment makes it immune to the recent Supreme Court / USPTO ruling that severely limits the use, utility of method and procedure type patents -- who'd of thunk it?  ;)    

Let me ask you a question -- describe to me a universal method (meme) to measure and meter (state) change across and among a systems of systems supported by a network of networks to include geo-spatial temporal intensity. Second part of my question - -how will the "Internet of Everything" be viable or profitable or manageable without this universal method / meme?  

The Heart Beacon Cycle is a checklist of items needed to organize individuals, sensors into federated groups working towards synchronized common tasks.. The items in the list are placeholders that refer or point to more detailed standards or treatises that more fully describe the required item -- for example, directory service, state management, network management, messaging middleware. It includes a list of templates such as CAP.