THE TERRA Trade Reference Currency involves maintaining global ledgers as does ETHEREUM. Battlefield Digitization involves sync delta refresh of a ledger across a distributed system of systems. This will establish a  global sustainable economic ecosystem. Terra commodities should be described by <Uniform_Resource_Name> <URN> that should be tracked during micro-cycles and threshold differences updated in decision support applications during macro-cycles corresponding to micro-economic / macro-economic reporting cycles. Differences in value should be processed by mediation, federation gateways then shared across stochastically harmonized time zones / domains. 

The TERRA Trade Reference Currency: complementary, privately issued, demurrage-charged, backed by inflation-resistant, standardized basket of the dozen most important commodities, services and operates in parallel with national currencies. Terra The Trade Reference Currency, TRC "world currency". Proposed by Belgian economist and expert on monetary systems Bernard A. Lietaer in 2001, based on a similar proposal from the 1930s. The currency is meant to be based on a basket of the 9-12 most important commodities (according to their importance in world wide trade). Terra = reference unit defined as standardized basket of key internationally traded commodities & services. Macro to micro reporting is key to establishing a value index for the Internet of Everything IeT through use of reliable time stamping by <Org_ID>, <URN>. Thomas Edison what if'd a commodity basket based currency circa 1921.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is expected to rule whether Bitcoin is a traded COMMODITY, like gold or interest rates