The Internet Heartbeat is a metaphor for time windows, time frames, time intervals to DO / NOT DO computational tasks. All sophisticated algorithms, mots, bots, procedure calls -- everything relies on the heartbeat interval. Given the diversity of vendor solutions across nations, it makes sense to focus on the lowest common denominator -- TIME and SPACE to shape our world. The world's financial and energy systems use heartbeat messages -- Bing / Google / Yahoo the terms heartbeat messages + FIX, SWIFT financial telecommunication protocols yourself and draw your own conclusions -- or, do nothing and accept the harvesting of your investment / retirement accounts by high frequency traders whose transactions account for the lion's share of stock market transactions. The World Economic Forum called for a "flash trade circuit breaker" several years ago at a National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST Cloud Computing forum. It's time to adjust the system or more precisely, use Department of Defense systems of systems, battlefield digitization research and best practice to adjust the system of systems using the underlying network of networks.