Firefly inspired stochastic harmonization combined with cycle Heart Beacon Cycle: Fireflies adjust the phase of their next heartbeat based on incoming flash messages using an algorithm inspired by mathematical models of firefly synchronization. There is no requirement regarding the length of a cycle with respect to real time as long as a length is bounded and all nodes agree on it eventually. What we are interested in guaranteeing is that all nodes start and end their cycles at the same time, with an error that is at least one, but preferably more, orders of magnitude smaller than a chosen cycle length. Firefly heartbeat synchronization reduces uncertainty in stochastic networks" -- especially when firefly's near consensus (statistical mean) that is matched to nearest Heartbeat Beacon micro-cycle schedule news-casted over wide areas

 ARTICLEHow Regulators Should Approach The Bitcoin Derivatives Market: "The value of the underlying asset can fluctuate (firefly)", but the contract locks it in at an agreed-upon price for a period of time (Heart Beacon Cycle / Firefly inspired Heartbeat sync)

Ceilometer as a Time-Series-as-a-Service

Firefly events matched with cyclical heartbeat cycles would require a read / write, store and forward service. Ceilometer as a Time-Series-as-a-Service Ceilometer API is a time series read/write service, useful in auditing leveraging a time-sample API as part of an event subsystem. = new project called Gnocchi, Gnocchi is split in two parts: a time series API and its driver, and a resource indexing API with its own driver. Having two distinct driver sets allows it to use different technologies to store each data type in the best storage engine possible. The canonical driver for time series handling is based on Pandas and Swift. The canonical resource indexer driver is based on SQLAlchemy. See:

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