Micro-Macro Cycles

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Equitable metrics and meters of geo-spatial temporal intensity changes of goods and services in a globally recognized meme will facilitate federated trade arbitrage. Agile, ad-hoc group joins, merges, drops in lieu of formal mergers and acquisitions by use of <ORG_ID> where an organization may have more than one <ORG_ID> representing business continuitity and contingency plans. Resources will be processed by precedence and filtered by <Uniform_Resource_Name> URN by <class> <status> i.e. scarce, rare etc improving resource management via geo-spatial temporal intensity, velocity, tempo of creation / use shown by universally understood water drop in pond, Paul Revere's ride memes.


Micro-revenue, micro-currencies for example TIME currency changes during micro-cycles orchestrated (aggregated, recalculated, converted, mediated) with macro-currencies in macro-economic cycles i.e., the Terra that is correlated with up to 12 commodities by mediation / conversion / recalculation gateways processing sync delta heartbeat updates. Micro / complimentary [time] currencies are mediated, correlated, and converted according to relative value at a specific time stamp and geo-location stochastically harmonized across time zones where proximity = costs less. This practice will be useful in establishing a universal meme for vectors of goods and services describing unused resources with unmet needs.

Microservices is a software architecture design pattern, in which complex applications are composed of small, independent processes communicating with each other using language-agnostic APIs.[1] These services are small, highly decoupled and focus on doing a small task. Orchestration of micro-services among distributed clouds, IeT microgrids, Big Data lakes etc would be improved by providing a reliable, consistent, time sync service propagating for example, state meta data heartbeat message changes, beacon broadcasted, newscasted among participating (trade) federations. Wikipedia Microservices

The TERRA Trade Reference Currency, Ethereum, and Battlefield Digitization all involve maintaining globally distributed ledger value indexes cyclically replicated, updated, refreshed snapshots from micro to macro reporting synchronization cycles. Battlefield Digitization best practice provides procedural templates guides describe the when, where, how and how often systemically among systems of systems promoting synergy, synchronicity used collectively and synergistically improving systemic, globally distributed sustainable programs. Many uses of Battlefield Digitization's intrinsic cyclic signaling, telemetry procedure used by NATO for a decade to synchronize operations are possible. For example;  ledger definition: financial record book, page with columns for debits and credits to record financial records transactions as debits and credits. Battlefield Digitization involves cyclic, reliable, predicable signaling, telemetry, broadcast, replication systemic sync delta state meta data snapshot replication among systems of systems, network of networks i.e.., Distributed Autonomous Organization's ledgers. State meta data snapshots or cyclic gathering of heartbeat timed state meta-data tagged by <Organizational Identifiers>, <Org_ID> , <Uniform Resource Names> <URN> are aggregated for display on appliqué overlay / Dymaxion map views: showing situational awareness graphic display views.  This concept reuses procedures derived from Battlefield Digitization best practice to reliably, synchronously update distributed autonomous organization's ledgers from micro to macro cycles.