METERING CONCEPT USING CHANGE / DELTAS FROM STATE META DATA SAMPLE A TO SAMPLE B TO SAMPLE N: Synchronization is used across smart grid applications and specifies a heartbeat update interval in milliseconds -- depending on the time sync source. The ability to accurately, reliably and consistently meter changes in power consumption between a community specializing in micro-grid energy production and a community specializing in a ecology module purifying water or producing bio-mass can monitor usage in terms of surpluses or shortages based on the last sync delta update across a consortium as a basis for exchange based on group concurrence such as Service Level Agreements SLA performance measures. Crowd sourcing / funding or real time bidding are use cases where the military's procedure to monitor groups by location, status and activity to determine if certain thresholds are met for the groups to be fully mission capable or possess a set threshold i.e., funding quantity or logistics quantity to participate in a funding round or mission, job, on line auction if for example, rare items reach a certain threshold..  

Embodiment three depicted by figure 3, building block B3 number 203 -- figure 4, adds as improvements use of a Paul Revere metric, metering meme as an improved counting, metering, measurement, signaling of linear sequential temporal hop counts as changes in state from null, from an established baseline. Sync delta meta-data gathered during micro-cycles  is recalculated then aggregated into reports signalled to administrators / statisticians who use state change reports, leader’s guidance to make organizational changes responsive to operational activities translated into network sub-net changes in an iterative, micro-cycle to macro cycle process effects systemic change using international standards:

Embodiment four describes using a water drop in pond meme as a method to describe area, intensity, duration, threshold in beacon types as a method and means to improve derivation of metrics, metering. Results of this method of metering and metric recalculations displayed on appliqué type overlays using methods, techniques of increasing, decreasing alert, event level emulation by hop-count multicast radius using audible step tones or light, visual intensity i.e..,  increasing / decreasing radius / threshold / intensity supporting disabled i.e., blind, deaf persons and general users for example, during light degraded conditions where audible step tones emulate device audible buzzers based on intensity and precedence settings.