Geo-spatial temporal intensity vectors.  VECTOR: a quantity having direction and magnitude determining position of a point in space relative to another. Big Data analytic's, network forensics will never reach their full potential until data is synchronously, reliably time stamped prior to data fusion center insertion -- using Organizational Identifiers as a primary key or secondary key used to track organization, URN Uniform Resource Name typed resource movement from one micro-cycle to the next forming a basis for reporting of vectors that are aggregated, filtered by precedence, then fused to inform decision makers of changes in micro-cycles viewed in longer, slower operational macro-cycles. The basis of creating a universal method of visualizing vectors in terms of geo-spatial temporal intensity involves novel time-space meters / metrics i.e., a "Paul Revere" meme for linear, sequential hop counts from cloud center to cloud center or computer server node to node or a water drop in pond meme as a radius, circular meme to display changes in movement, geo-spatial temporal intensity used to identify unused resources with unmet needs establishing a universal time -space meter framework for the Internet of Everything IET. This novel method will help  realize the goal of "gaining the ability to hear the world's heartbeat"